Wednesday, March 26, 2008

What Is the Right Side of the Right-Wing?

The right-wing of the political spectrum is such a widely diverse group of conservatives ranging from pure libertarians to the big tent "Progressive Conservatives" to Social Conservative theocrats. Many of these who claim to be members of the "right-wing" are actually from the middle, or even the left, of the spectrum.

I believe the "right side" of the right-wing to be those conservatives who believe in small government, who believe in low taxes all across the board, who believe in equal rights for members of all demographics.

The very basis of conservatism, in my opinion, is the belief that if the government ceased to exist tomorrow, the majority of people would continue to live life just as they had the day before. While I would never advocate completely eradicated government, I think that we do not need a "nanny state" to make sure that we follow the rules of society.

I also don't support trying to push through legislation based merely on the fact that we're a "Christian nation". I am a Christian, but I do not believe in legislating morality. Religion should be between a man and his God, not a man and his Government.

We may not be many, but we do exist. We are the Right Side of the Right-Wing.

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